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Everett Peacock lives on the island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii, USA.

With over 200,000 copies of his work downloaded in the last 30 months, Everett Peacock has made a sensation of his style of magical realism. 

Everett Peacock
Mr. Peacock was born on an island and continues the tradition living in Maui, Hawaii. Decades were spent living on a secluded Oahu, Hawaii beach, surfing, mountain biking, glider flying and throwing beach parties people still talk about. 

When he had to work it was stints at the Honolulu airport, as a cargo handler, Air Traffic Control radio, Airline Flight Operations Dispatcher, computer programmer and as an amateur lobster fisherman. 

Having traveled extensively to all of the Hawaiian islands, Tahiti, Bali, Australia and a few places he has sworn to keep secret, Mr. Peacock has lived, and continues to do through his writing, a life as colorful as his name.




Series: The Life and Times of a Hawaiian Tiki Bar
book 1: The Parrot Talks in Chocolate
book 2: In the Middle of the Third Planet's Most Wonderful of Oceans
book 3: Tiwaka Goes To Waikiki

The Galactics
Escape from Hanalei
Death by Facebook
One More Sunset
Escaping the Magnificent

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The Galactics

Galactics should never, ever, display their powers in public. This is the first rule, the one all Galactics follow, and the one that Mano’s uncle breaks after having one too many drinks.

When his uncle is arrested for violating Galactic law in a bar, Mano Orion, a senior in high school, finally finds out that he is also part of that powerful group: he is also a Galactic. As he learns about his heritage and what being part of the Galactics means, Mano begins hearing about other arrests, too many to be normal. With his friend, Eme, Mano launches an investigation, one that none of the adults want to allow.

As they struggle to convince other Galactics to help them launch a rescue mission, Mano and Eme have to learn to harness their own powers as best they can while also coming to terms with how they feel about each other.

But nothing can prepare them for the secrets and lies that await them when they find the imprisoned Galactics. With their lives and the entire history of their people unraveling, Mano and Eme will have to trust each other and their powers to be the leaders the Galactics need.

A Young Adult novel, THE GALACTICS, is a tale of love, courage, and ultimately, hope.

Escape from Hanalei

A coconut arrives on Trish’s frozen front steps, a gift, a message, a dare, from her sister. “Come to Hawaii.” 

It’s a hard message for her to ignore. 
Trish flies to her sister’s home, a place of color and music, where even Poi, the little mixed-breed dog, surfs the clear waves. From the beginning, Trish feels the island’s seduction as it lures her in with its beauty, its people, and its hidden magic. With each day she spends there, each one filled with the island’s colorful characters, including a ship’s captain who collects bikini tops and an out-of-place geologist attempting to get the island folk to cooperate with his research, it becomes harder and harder for Trish to think of returning to her frozen little home. 
The island calls. But is this a call to which she is willing to listen? Or will she return to her old life, so far away from the ocean’s song?

One More Sunset

It’s no surprise that Candace is dreading returning to her “real” life. When her days for the past month have been filled with the sun’s caress and the smell of plumeria, it is impossible to imagine she’ll be leaving that kind of magic behind. Especially when the life waiting for her holds nothing nearly as exciting as Adrian, the bartender who serves her drinks at Tiwaka’s Tiki Bar and Grill.

But it’s not just the promise of romance that is making the thought of leaving painful. There is something peculiar and wonderful about the island. Candace feels it all around her and especially when she meets Bucky, an older man on the verge of homelessness who seems to recognize her, and a woman crying on the beach to whom she’s oddly drawn.

With Adrian and Bucky’s help, Candace discovers the truth of why she feels so at home on that island, but, most importantly, she learns that love has no boundaries…not even those of time.

Jumping for joy

When he needs a break from writing he heads to the mountain top!  Haleakala crater on the island of Maui is some 10,023 feet high and as you can see from the picture, devoid of much of the grounding forces Mr. Peacock is accustomed to.

With his wife Della, three children, two dogs, two cats and a dynamic number of fish in attendance at home, it is everything a good story should be.

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