Tuesday, June 4, 2019

"Waikiki" - a novel

out on Kindle and paperback


It's no surprise that Candace is dreading returning to her "real" life. When her recent days have been filled with the sun's caress and the smell of plumeria, it is impossible to imagine she could leave that magic behind. 

Especially when the life waiting for her holds nothing nearly as exciting as Adrian, the server who works at Waikiki's beachside icon, Tiwaka's Tiki Bar & Grill.But, it's not just the promise of romance that is making the thought of leaving painful. There is something peculiar and wonderful about the island. Candace feels it all around her and especially when she meets Bucky, an older man on the verge of homelessness who seems to recognize her, and a woman crying on the beach to whom she's oddly drawn.

With Adrian and Bucky's help, Candace discovers the truth of why she feels so at home on the island, but, most importantly, she learns that love has no boundaries... not even those of time.

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