Sunday, September 23, 2018


 Paperback and Kindle eBooks Now Available

Book 1:  Leaving Lana'i
“I should be dead.  Again...”
...and so this new SERIES begins, on the Hawaiian islands of Lana'i and Maui.  A billionaire private island owner, an escaped DNA-altered scientist and at every corner
a challenge...

Meet Agent James Boudreaux, an officer with an
undisclosed affiliation to an American intelligence service.

He's a little rough around the edges, funny,
super-observant, and sometimes wrong.

Book 2:  the Slovakian
"And, again, I leap into the fray..."

Enter, the Slovakian, perhaps the real mastermind behind whatever it is going on in Prince Talbert's underground lair, on the island of Lana'i. 

Their early experiments have Boudreaux unable to resist.
"I try not to stare, but that's never stopped me before"

Book 3:  A Perfect Analogy
"God set us loose here, why not do what we want?"

The ambitions of Talbert and the Slovakian are far broader than Boudreaux or his Langley handlers could ever imagine.

books 4, 5 and 6 due out in early 2019

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Excerpt from Book 3: Agent Boudreaux - A Perfect Analogy

a chapter from Book 3 in the Agent Boudreaux series as he flies in on a small commuter plane from Maui...on his way to Lana'i
Honolulu from the air, reflecting an afternoon sun, glows majestic in its march from the mountains to the sea. The little plane bounces around on the air stirred mischiefly by that rear guard. If their destination is indeed the big blue below I, for one, would not fault the idea.
As we approach for landing, the details quash the mystical with concrete and cars, but I've already been kissed. It's a familiar love, one from my early days when adventure was composed of only youth and the living of it.
Different worlds, on the same planet.
We taxi up to a small commuter terminal, spend an hour sorting out who goes where, fueling, changing crews and aircraft. The small dogs all parade just in front of their owners, apparently knowing where to go.
I find the first water fountain I can, which is difficult these days, as they have gone the way of the pay phone. I don't want it from a bottle, but from this island, the aquifer below those mountains. I need to taste her again, if only in passing.
Leaving again, I sit in the front row, with a nice view through the open cockpit ahead. Taxiing out to the reef runway, we line up with Diamond Head, and an ascending full moon.
Rising up, I wonder why I ever left this place.