Sunday, August 5, 2018

Agent Boudreaux's Cousin, Elmer...

Agent Boudreaux's cousin, Elmer Udd, had an innate feeling about the potential of radio energy to tap into the hidden languages of animals.  Initially, his co-workers dismissed the unintelligible noise as "static" but he knew better.  His reliable and ever-faithful lab assistant, Nipper (who would go on to RCA Records fame) never complained.  In fact, on that fateful Thursday evening, after many double-vodkas, Nipper pretended with all his heart and soul to actually hear the subtle chanting of Labradors from Mars that Elmer swore was self evident.  Such a kind canine has never existed since.

* Nipper would go on to fame and fortune as the curious dog of RCA Records, his well deserved reward for having infinite patience.
* Elmer ended his days in the Happy Valley Convalescent Home, having never blinked again.

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