Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Espionage runs deep...

more prequel history on Agent Boudreaux
Third cousin, thrice removed, adopted son of Edgar and Beatrice Smith, a one Richard Pickersgill (Smith) had an extremely short covert career for espionage in remote pre-communist Tibet, primarily because his inescapable non-Tibetan features did him no favors for disguise, despite his meticulously crafted local costume dress. He never reported back.

Young Agent Boudreaux

prequel intel on our hero, Agent Boudreaux
raised by his slightly crazed grandmother north of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, James Boudreaux displayed an early interest in eavesdropping on radio transmissions. However, as was the case in remote locations of America radio was sometimes unavailable, so Grandmother Praline would appease young James with LP recordings of Congressional hearings on corn and soybean subsidies. This influenced him greatly when deciding later to enter government service... as an Agent (and not as a Congressman, or a farmer)

Who is "Alexi"? and what the heck was her great aunt thinking?

more 'back story' to Agent Boudreaux
despite all the warnings from family and friends, Alexi's (book 3) great aunt continued to smuggle documents for the Canadian government out of Britain, at great risk to her freedom - and her life. Unfortunately, shortly after this image was captured by MI6 operatives already alerted to her espionage, she was installed as a permanent resident of the catacombs below Buckingham Palace. To this day, some say they can still hear her lonely songs sung half a note off of pitch...

Who is "The Slovakian"?

prior to "the Slovakian" setting up her secret project on Lana'i...
(Agent Boudreaux - book 2, coming soon!)
...there was her great-grandmother, Kateoina, arrested in Paris, during the so-called "Fur Raids" targeting illegal fox, mink and beaver pelts. The authorities didn't believe her claim that her coat included only black bear pelts, which she had sewn herself, after killing only one, large, bear back in the homeland. She was very industrious, and an indomitable survivor, and also realized that the so-called chair, next to her, was trouble... having reduced the previous occupants of this cell to the puddles still obvious on the floor.

Backstory to the series: Agent Boudreaux

prior to Agent Boudreaux making his mark on the world...
there was some influence from his distant 3rd-Uncle Louie, twice removed, on his adopted mother's side. He was from the other side of the docks, specifically a fishing boat/studio-apartment anchored at #39. His behavior often put him in front of Police cameras, where he became fond of posing with a certain flair, knowing there were dames all over town that would dig his style. * However, his belt strategy often sank his best efforts (but not always...bail was easy to come by, if you know what we mean)
(Agent Boudreaux - Book 1, coming soon!)

Friday, July 20, 2018

New Spy Series!

Set in Hawaii:  in Lahaina, Maui and on Lana'i, Agent Boudreaux attempting to retire after a near-assassination in Belarus finds himself inexorably drawn into a far deeper conflict.  Beautifully written, in the softly descriptive style Peacock readers are accustomed to, this first 3 books in a longer series is a fast-paced exploration of the never ending quest, by some, to rule the world.  In this case, by changing the very fabric of humanity...  FALL 2018