Tuesday, June 26, 2018

to fade away... or not

As I find myself changing, yet again, 
I must decide on a path forward.
Since age is robbing me of my youthful normalcy, 
do I facilitate it while it shrinks my height? 
Do I accelerate it robbing me of my thick mane? 
Is acquiescence a proper strategy to address 
fading mental capabilities?

Maybe. But not yet.

I can still stand up straight. 
I can keep my hair long. 
I can record my thoughts 
before I forget them.

One path, though, is clear.  
Age has also rewarded me 
with an ever increasing ability to find comfort in my own counsel. 
I can finally see the patterns in experience that I wish to embrace, 
as well as those to avoid. 
Fears fade like the manufactured distractions they are intended to be. 
And, love becomes more important, 
as I am now most certain that it is 
the only thing we will take into the Great Fade.