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FREE visit with Agent Boudreaux

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Find yourself leaving the Hawaiian island of Lana'i with Agent Boudreaux as he tries to retire but finds... it's too big of an adventure to pass up!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


pumpkin picked by Daniella, designed by Alexandria, carved by Doug
enjoyed by everyone!

Sunday, September 23, 2018


 Paperback and Kindle eBooks Now Available

Book 1:  Leaving Lana'i
“I should be dead.  Again...”
...and so this new SERIES begins, on the Hawaiian islands of Lana'i and Maui.  A billionaire private island owner, an escaped DNA-altered scientist and at every corner
a challenge...

Meet Agent James Boudreaux, an officer with an
undisclosed affiliation to an American intelligence service.

He's a little rough around the edges, funny,
super-observant, and sometimes wrong.

Book 2:  the Slovakian
"And, again, I leap into the fray..."

Enter, the Slovakian, perhaps the real mastermind behind whatever it is going on in Prince Talbert's underground lair, on the island of Lana'i. 

Their early experiments have Boudreaux unable to resist.
"I try not to stare, but that's never stopped me before"

Book 3:  A Perfect Analogy
"God set us loose here, why not do what we want?"

The ambitions of Talbert and the Slovakian are far broader than Boudreaux or his Langley handlers could ever imagine.

books 4, 5 and 6 due out in early 2019

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Excerpt from Book 3: Agent Boudreaux - A Perfect Analogy

a chapter from Book 3 in the Agent Boudreaux series as he flies in on a small commuter plane from Maui...on his way to Lana'i
Honolulu from the air, reflecting an afternoon sun, glows majestic in its march from the mountains to the sea. The little plane bounces around on the air stirred mischiefly by that rear guard. If their destination is indeed the big blue below I, for one, would not fault the idea.
As we approach for landing, the details quash the mystical with concrete and cars, but I've already been kissed. It's a familiar love, one from my early days when adventure was composed of only youth and the living of it.
Different worlds, on the same planet.
We taxi up to a small commuter terminal, spend an hour sorting out who goes where, fueling, changing crews and aircraft. The small dogs all parade just in front of their owners, apparently knowing where to go.
I find the first water fountain I can, which is difficult these days, as they have gone the way of the pay phone. I don't want it from a bottle, but from this island, the aquifer below those mountains. I need to taste her again, if only in passing.
Leaving again, I sit in the front row, with a nice view through the open cockpit ahead. Taxiing out to the reef runway, we line up with Diamond Head, and an ascending full moon.
Rising up, I wonder why I ever left this place.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Signalling in Plain Site

Namesake, Uncle James "Spitball" Boudreaux of the 1920s Chicago Cubs, was often accused of doctoring the balls he pitched (especially to the NY Yankees). However, recently declassified FBI documents prove what Aunt Tarilla knew all along - he was signalling his FBI handler behind home plate. [this particular signal: don't order the pepperoni pizza from Luigi's on 4th] * Future pictures will focus on the exotic methods of signalling embedded in advertisements, sports maneuvers and disco dancing! #AgentBoudreaux #spy #thriller

Agent Boudreaux's Cousin and the NUTS...

winner of the "Clever Award" 1947, Praque
a successful application of a crazy idea: Cousin Alexander's "Navigationally Universal Transmission Service" or NUTS proved quite useful to the Cold War western alliances attempting to eavesdrop on their Soviet counterparts - at first. Unfortunately, it was difficult (no, actually impossible) to approach a suspected spy den without invoking espionage-stopping laughter from said Soviets. Thus, the award. He did a great service for the cause through comedic distraction.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

another inventive relative...

another inventive relative...

* great-great-grandfather Horris, having lost all 10 toes while attempting to summit Strawberry Hill in the dead of winter refused to live the remaining eighty years of his life as an invalid. His "roller coasters" easily propelled him from one circus venue to another but also generated enough electricity to power the encrypted radio transmitter hidden just under his stylish hat. He was subsequently awarded the good Queen's Medal of Awesomeness.
#AgentBoudreaux #spy #thriller

new tech

Always willing to help the war effort, distant cousin Jamila, convinced she could receive enemy radio transmissions telepathically volunteered for a Top Secret experiment to determine when enemy aircraft were approaching. Weeks later with the invention of RADAR, Jamila was discreetly returned to her hobbit cave south of London with a polite thank you note, 100 pounds Sterling and a strict admonishment to never speak of this embarrassing test. #AgentBoudreaux #spy #thriller

more on Agent Boudreaux's relatives...

more on Agent Boudreaux's relatives...
distant cousin Horatio, intent on avoiding a life of espionage, sought a career with the Iowa Circus Circuit, bought his very own hippopotamus named Fred and started touring the Midwest fairs. Unfortunately, one hot summer evening near Lake Ontario, Fred decide he needed to cool off. Horatio, adamant to the end that his star hippo would behave on cue soon discovered that the harness and cart attached to the behemoth was a disadvantage at 100 feet below the surface of the unforgiving lake. James Boudreaux, only a young lad at the time decided the circus life was not for him.

seeking inspiration

seeking inspiration...
Uncle Thibodeaux, an aspiring writer, used every trick he could to find "the words" he needed to create his Nobel Prize winning military fiction masterpiece. Dressing in uniform always helped, but so did the Nitrous Oxide gas mask AND the mild electrical shocks from the "Inspiration Helmet" he had invented himself. Agent Boudreaux's mother strictly forbade him to have anything to do with Thibodeaux, reminding him constantly of the "the words" his Uncle lived by: "bat-shit crazy".

#AgentBoudreaux #spy #thriller

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Agent Boudreaux's Cousin, Elmer...

Agent Boudreaux's cousin, Elmer Udd, had an innate feeling about the potential of radio energy to tap into the hidden languages of animals.  Initially, his co-workers dismissed the unintelligible noise as "static" but he knew better.  His reliable and ever-faithful lab assistant, Nipper (who would go on to RCA Records fame) never complained.  In fact, on that fateful Thursday evening, after many double-vodkas, Nipper pretended with all his heart and soul to actually hear the subtle chanting of Labradors from Mars that Elmer swore was self evident.  Such a kind canine has never existed since.

* Nipper would go on to fame and fortune as the curious dog of RCA Records, his well deserved reward for having infinite patience.
* Elmer ended his days in the Happy Valley Convalescent Home, having never blinked again.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Who is the "Slovakian"?

" * I dance in God's footsteps,

ooh, how well my feet fit.

* I dance with the Devil,

ooh, what rhythm we have!"

- the Slovakian (singing while... dancing)

[book 3]

Agent Boudreaux

the learning curve was steep... Agent Boudreaux's ancestors discover
Espionage had been an exciting idea, at first. However, being recruited by a British intel guy who was actually an Analyst and not a Field Operative proved slightly...disastrous. Agent Boudreaux's aunt and uncle soon discovered that this Analyst had no earthly idea how short a fuse on a 10 megaton device could actually be. (*coming Fall 2018)

Agent Boudreaux back story - the grand parents meet

grandparents of Agent Boudreaux meet.
She: taking a short cut through a well-lit alley

He: sending signals to a contact: one foot up, one finger pointing down, one arm up

She: are you OK?

He: Fine, just talking with the Queen

She: wishing she had chosen a different route

He: nice day for tea and biscuits

She: just ate, thank you.

He: really, the Queen insists (handing her the phone)

She: 'ello Ma'am

Voice: please humor him, he's pretending I'm the Queen again

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

bad guys begat bad guys...

prior to their unintentioned procreation with two fan-girls working the casino that night, these two thugs had little more going for them than an intimidating look for the police camera. Their "socialist" criminal organization could be depended to take care of them, as long as loyalty was never questioned. Two generations later, both of their grandsons had secure jobs with a "capitalist" despot on a private Hawaiian island. Oh, how the times do change.

Agent Boudreaux - the series. (coming Fall 2018)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Espionage runs deep...

more prequel history on Agent Boudreaux
Third cousin, thrice removed, adopted son of Edgar and Beatrice Smith, a one Richard Pickersgill (Smith) had an extremely short covert career for espionage in remote pre-communist Tibet, primarily because his inescapable non-Tibetan features did him no favors for disguise, despite his meticulously crafted local costume dress. He never reported back.

Young Agent Boudreaux

prequel intel on our hero, Agent Boudreaux
raised by his slightly crazed grandmother north of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, James Boudreaux displayed an early interest in eavesdropping on radio transmissions. However, as was the case in remote locations of America radio was sometimes unavailable, so Grandmother Praline would appease young James with LP recordings of Congressional hearings on corn and soybean subsidies. This influenced him greatly when deciding later to enter government service... as an Agent (and not as a Congressman, or a farmer)

Who is "Alexi"? and what the heck was her great aunt thinking?

more 'back story' to Agent Boudreaux
despite all the warnings from family and friends, Alexi's (book 3) great aunt continued to smuggle documents for the Canadian government out of Britain, at great risk to her freedom - and her life. Unfortunately, shortly after this image was captured by MI6 operatives already alerted to her espionage, she was installed as a permanent resident of the catacombs below Buckingham Palace. To this day, some say they can still hear her lonely songs sung half a note off of pitch...

Who is "The Slovakian"?

prior to "the Slovakian" setting up her secret project on Lana'i...
(Agent Boudreaux - book 2, coming soon!)
...there was her great-grandmother, Kateoina, arrested in Paris, during the so-called "Fur Raids" targeting illegal fox, mink and beaver pelts. The authorities didn't believe her claim that her coat included only black bear pelts, which she had sewn herself, after killing only one, large, bear back in the homeland. She was very industrious, and an indomitable survivor, and also realized that the so-called chair, next to her, was trouble... having reduced the previous occupants of this cell to the puddles still obvious on the floor.

Backstory to the series: Agent Boudreaux

prior to Agent Boudreaux making his mark on the world...
there was some influence from his distant 3rd-Uncle Louie, twice removed, on his adopted mother's side. He was from the other side of the docks, specifically a fishing boat/studio-apartment anchored at #39. His behavior often put him in front of Police cameras, where he became fond of posing with a certain flair, knowing there were dames all over town that would dig his style. * However, his belt strategy often sank his best efforts (but not always...bail was easy to come by, if you know what we mean)
(Agent Boudreaux - Book 1, coming soon!)

Friday, July 20, 2018

New Spy Series!

Set in Hawaii:  in Lahaina, Maui and on Lana'i, Agent Boudreaux attempting to retire after a near-assassination in Belarus finds himself inexorably drawn into a far deeper conflict.  Beautifully written, in the softly descriptive style Peacock readers are accustomed to, this first 3 books in a longer series is a fast-paced exploration of the never ending quest, by some, to rule the world.  In this case, by changing the very fabric of humanity...  FALL 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

to fade away... or not

As I find myself changing, yet again, 
I must decide on a path forward.
Since age is robbing me of my youthful normalcy, 
do I facilitate it while it shrinks my height? 
Do I accelerate it robbing me of my thick mane? 
Is acquiescence a proper strategy to address 
fading mental capabilities?

Maybe. But not yet.

I can still stand up straight. 
I can keep my hair long. 
I can record my thoughts 
before I forget them.

One path, though, is clear.  
Age has also rewarded me 
with an ever increasing ability to find comfort in my own counsel. 
I can finally see the patterns in experience that I wish to embrace, 
as well as those to avoid. 
Fears fade like the manufactured distractions they are intended to be. 
And, love becomes more important, 
as I am now most certain that it is 
the only thing we will take into the Great Fade.