Monday, January 6, 2014

Escape the Winter with "Escape from Hanalei"

It's been a bit cold lately, yes, even on Maui.  Up at our mountain home at 4000 foot elevation it was a chilly 37 degrees F. at dawn.  That's NOTHING compared to what you folks in the Midwest, Canada and the Northeast are getting...even the deep South is getting a taste of

Escape while you can!  "Escape from Hanalei" is offered to you folks trapped inside FREE beginning January 7 and running til January 11... I'd run it longer but Amazon insists on making a little money so it's only for five days.

Note to Reader:  see if you can find a coconut to put in your lap while reading, or if not that, at least some colorful tropical socks.  AlohA!  (* click the image for the link)

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