Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture Books

 Experimentation with eBooks - picture books!

I was talking out ideas for my 14 year old son and how he might incorporate his drawings into some kind of ebook and viola!

As I wait on him to produce a few more drawings I jumped right in and produced two 50 image titles.

The first one, Maui and Me - 50 Images That Inspire, offers readers who already know my fiction titles a glimpse into where I find inspiration, here on Maui.  More than just pictures too, as I added commentary that adds to the experience.  They look great on a color tablet, PC, MAC, etc. and look suitable on a non-color Kindle.

The second one, Maui and Me - Lahaina at Dawn, is what I consider a unique take on a very popular place.  Dawn finds this oceanfront tourist attraction a very different and interesting place.

Take a look, you might find this "genre" intriguing.

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