Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FREE on Amazon.com - Limited Time

FREE on Amazon.com (limited time)

eBook, In the Middle of the Third Planet's Most Wonderful of Oceans

Over 24,000 copies of this series, The Life and Times of a Hawaiian Tiki Bar, downloaded by Amazon readers in January 2012.  Get your copy of this the second in the series!

4+ Stars average and great reviews.  Here is one for this title (enjoy!):

Unremitting JOY, in the middle of this vast sea, which is life., 

You know, many a time there comes a sequel to the "perfect" movie, the "perfect" book or our idea of the "perfect" anything; and all too often the second offering comes up a little (or a lot) short. Occasionally, though, we are blessed with the "perfect" follow up and can revel in its wonder and wonder at its perfection. I guess that is what this book is for me. Wait a minute...don't get me wrong here...this book and its editing, presentation and formatting is not, in any manner, perfect. Thankfully, none of its flaws are fatal to the enjoyment of the tale. So what is perfect about it? For me it is the author's ability to again draw you into the continuation of the original story, in its original context, with an added bit of the ugliness and harshness of life thrown into the mix. You end up with a balanced product which is hard not to fall in love with.

I love the love story which is this book. It is hard not to sound contrived or perhaps too flowery when pointing out that this tale is not simply a love story about one couple. No, it is about a totally encompassing love for all things great and small, their interactions and why in essence we need everything and everything needs us to make this thing we call life work out.

This book is a fun, humorous, ridiculous, thought provoking, emotional hodge-podge of the zaniness which makes up each and every life, and it all manages to work back to its theme...Love.

God, I proofed this review and it seems as though I am being channeled by all the "Gurus" of the past, present and future and, to be straight forward, I'm not sure I even like how this reads but...for what its worth, this book will leave you pondering and anxiously looking forward to its sequel. Solid 4 ½ star read.


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