Saturday, January 21, 2012

FREE on KINDLE - "Tiwaka Goes to Waikiki"

FREE on for the next 5 days.

Follow up what over 25,000 other Kindle readers enjoyed with "The Parrot Talks in Chocolate" (still on the Top 10 Amazon list for Inspirational)

Our hero, lost in a tropical storm...
Captured by the diabolical Parrot Master...
Adventure and revolution, love and music in the jungles of Waikiki...

~ The magic of Hawaii continues

** A magical and well textured addition to the series! 
Tiwaka gets his Flight Status upgraded and soon gets in trouble in the tropical skies of Hawaii. After landing in faraway Waikiki he finds he is not the only parrot in trouble.

Book 3 in the continuing adventures of Tiwaka and his crew from Tiwaka's Tiki Bar & Grill. Buy this one for your friends, your kids, your loved ones!

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