Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Short: My Life as a Fraction

“My Life as a Fraction”

Fraction:  “I tell you, it’s hard being 9/2 (that’s 9 over 2) because 
everyone is always trying to convert you.  I mean, I don’t want to
 be a Mixed Number, I want be myself.  Some people even go so far as to call me 4 and one half!!!  Can you imagine that?  Once, when I was traveling in a foreign country some people pointed and told 
their children, "there goes a 4 point 5".

Interviewer:  “But, don’t you feel so, well, I don’t know.  I’m looking for the word, let me see, oh yes -  complex?”

Fraction:  “Hey, my parts may always be equal to the whole, but I always feel like I can be whatever I want.”

Interviewer:  “What?  How could you be something other than an unsimplified complex 

Fraction:  “Dude, DUDE, don’t you see the cosmic beauty in it all?  I can be 2 ¼ plus 2 ¼.   Can you imagine that?  I can be two equal parts!”

Interviewer:  “Wow!  That is quite amazing.  It’s like you’re twins or something.”

Fraction:  “Oh yeah, baby!  I can even be Triplets.  That’s right:  1 ½, plus 1 ½, plus 
another 1 ½. “

Interviewer:  “I don’t know how you do that!  It’s like you’re smaller but there are more of you?”

Fraction:  “Indeed!  I can be many things.  In fact, there is probably an INFINITE amount 
of combinations that I can take.  I’m like a ShapeShifter.”

Interviewer:  “I get it now.  You could even be 1 plus 2 plus 1 plus ½.  Or, 3 plus 1 plus ¼ 
plus ¼.  You sure are flexible!”

Fraction:  “It’s all about equality dude!  You just need to put that equals sign, =, in between all my variations.”

Interviewer:  “So, that sounds pretty cool.  You can be whatever you want, as long as it is 

Fraction:  “You got it!  Anyone can be whatever they want, but they are always themself.” 

(written for a math class and copyright in 2009 by Everett Peacock)

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