Thursday, August 18, 2011

President Obama's Retirement

Anytime any of us works long hard hours, gets flak from our competitors on a daily (or hourly) basis it can conjure up thoughts of retirement. When a vacation plan gets you grief from those saying there is too much left undone at the end of the day ( i.e. hoping you'll keel over dead from exhaustion) you might let the thought of retirement linger a little longer.

Some personalities thrive on the pressure though, enjoy the challenge and find reward in the small victories. Air traffic controllers must take some pride I imagine in getting every plane on the ground safely, every Police/Fire/Rescue/Military employee relishes the lives they do manage to save and I am going out on a limb here but I suspect the President of the United States of America has his own personal rewards.

I give all of these people total respect and admiration for even attempting these jobs. Agree or disagree with their processes but you must admit the workloads are incredible. Most of us could never, would never given the chance, want any of these jobs. Too stressful, too much sadness, too many people hating every breath you take. How do these personalities do it?

I am here to tell you - every one of them frequents Tiwaka's Tiki Bar & Grill. Granted most of them do it unconsciously and for the most part wouldn't know the place if they stumbled up to the thatched roof koa-wood bar with a talking parrot guarding the liquor bottles. Yet, they do so in a virtual way, as a matter of survival.   In a world fraught with stress they know how to go to “their happy place.” They may call it the local bar, or listening to a favorite song, or hanging with family, but it's all the same place. A brief moment in time when they are in control of their own happiness. It's a temporary reprieve from the chaos of the world  called paradise.

I write books that take my readers to just such internal paradises, places where their own mind can sooth the edges from a crazy world. I love the quote, from a song somewhere, “We all have wings, but most of us don't know why”. Tiwaka the Parrot can show them why.

I hope that President Obama, originally from Hawaii, finds the magic of Tiwaka's Tiki Bar & Grill when he is freed from the clamour and divisiveness of Washington D.C., be it 2013 or 2017.
Monday's occur all week? 
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