Monday, August 1, 2011

Classify Your Book In a Sub-Genre

Amazon's Top 100 Lists.

I always wondered HOW would I get my titles featured there?  Featured...being on such a list would no doubt encourage sales and so my desire, and confusion, persisted.  I was, and still do, monitor my Amazon Bestsellers Rank daily, generally watching my Kindle Store rank bounce around all over the place.  Honestly, my sales on my best title are generally less than 10 per day.  What to do?  When your title is moving slowly how do you kickstart it?

As any Indie Writer will confess, marketing and exposure for a title that has garnered good reviews already is of utmost importance.  Most products would beg for an advertising budget, but as an Indie, where your profit per sale is relatively low, paying 75cents a click on Google makes little sense, especially when only 2% of those clicks might convert to a sale.  Making an Amazon Top 100 List though....that would be great!  And FREE.

So, I started checking out the subcategories under Kindle eBooks > Fiction.   There are dozens and I found that some titles in some genres were selling LESS than my title yet they made a Top 100 List.  Naturally, my title might not fit into their genre, but there had to be one where it would.  Something like Fiction >Literature >Genre Fiction >Amazing.  Why wasn't my book showing up in any of those?

It was because I had inadvertently classified my own book as General Fiction in the KDP dashboard .  That may be a good place for it, but it will never make one of Amazon's Top 100 lists.

For instance, this morning the title "The Parrot Talks in Chocolate" is a not too impressive #16,874 in the Kindle Store (a listing all books get) but is a more impressive #23 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Metaphysical.  I also listed it in a category I liked, called "Visionary Fiction" where my title would fit around #6 if it gets into that list.

Of course, you must be honest about classifying your book.  Don't put it in Romance > Dark Times > PreColumbian (which doesn't exist by the way) just to make it #1 if it is a story about Female Swim Coaches.

Enjoy!  Marketing is more fun than you might think!

The Parrot Talks in Chocolate at 8 A.M. Hawaiian Standard Time August 1, 2011
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #16,874 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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