Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lahaina at Dawn

I love going to beach towns just before the sun rises.  Such adventure serves me several ways.

It always reminds me of my early surfing days, and "dawn patrol" where we were in the water well before sunrise.  The waves were smoother and the crowds were still in bed.

And now, when I visit one of my favorites, Lahaina, you catch the oft hidden personality of a busy town as it quietly wakes up.

The most interesting part of Lahaina at dawn is that I'm not the only one out enjoying the soft light and gentle fragrances of the trade winds.  The others there help paint the picture with the most amazing textures.  A young fisherman who masks his true enjoyment of just sitting still with a pole and bait.  Early tourists, five timezones off their sleep cycle who woke up at 2 A.M. and have been milling about since.  And, of course, the lost souls who wake up on a bench or under the mango tree surprised they lived through the night.

Yet, viewing such a scene, painted as it is all around me I find it most interesting that I have walked into the picture myself and no doubt entertain some other observer watching me.

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